Ten Dollar Keyer

This is an inexpensive keyer with a built-in paddle. It uses an ST32F103C8T6 microprocessor and the Arduino development environment.

Most of the information is in the article in the January 2018 CQ Magazine.

Keyer Source Code V1.0

This is the source code for the keyer. It is written in C++ and will compile in an Arduino environment with the additions from http://www.stm32duino.com/

Code Practice Program V1.0

This is the source for a Windows program which can be used for code practice.  It can be built with Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition. The program has some code to work with a K1EL Winkey but that code is not complete.

Iím not actively developing the keyer. But if you have ideas for new features or you find a bug or you know of a way to make it work better let me know. I could be convinced to do more work on it.  If you have a question about why I did something please ask - I might add the explanations to this page.

If others are interested in developing or modifying the code we could make it a project on github.